LOOK WHAT’S NEW! Annette’s albums are extremely versatile and inspirational and now include a spoken word album — “THE ROSARY & CHAPLET OF DIVINE MERCY”!

Her other music albums display her impressive vocal range which allows her to combine contemporary music and traditional soprano presentations on the same platform. Her own background vocals are creatively woven into the music to complement the arrangements.

Read what others are saying about her sensational CDs:

"Annette captured the true essence of praise and worship in her musical selections/arrangements woven by scripture narratives at the 2018 African American Catholic Center for Evangelization (AACCFE), our seventh celebration of the Epiphany, “Pickup Your Mat and Walk”. The Program, by design, is to create an intense full day of Praise, where musicians and lectors throughout the Interfaith Community edify the Word of God by their musical talents. Annette accepted the most challenging of the eight segments, “The Temptation of Man;” where she personified the Human Condition found in the movement from Sin to Forgiveness. I can't say it enough about how she blessed me in seeing my vision and hope for this Program come to life. Her prayer-felt and soulful rendition rose to the occasion and serves today as our model in Proclaiming the Word of God and responding to that call in our lives."
La Verne Andrews
Epiphany Program Coordinator
African American Catholic Center for Evangelization
Los Angeles, CA

“What a privilege it was to hear Annette Hills speak at our Adult Faith weekly study. Her many diverse talents are truly a gift from God, and listening to her prayerfully sing felt like angels were tying a divine bow around the entire presentation.

Annette seamlessly wove music, prayer, testimony, and stories of God’s grace into her pro-life talk. She created an immediate personal connection with the group and deeply touched our hearts. She related intimate stories of redemption and new-found life in Jesus for real people faced with the moral dilemma of choosing life.

Many additional guests attended for the opportunity to see her. The large usually noisy room was silent while she spoke. The most frequent comment was “When can Annette come back?” Annette will enliven and brighten any gathering with her energetic faith, spiritual music and stories from the heart."
Janice LaVelle
Adult Faith Formation
St. Thomas More Church
Irvine, California

“Annette’s Marian presentation (We Need Our Mother Mary) is truly a joyous experience. Her love of our Blessed Mother along with her perfectly selected songs and music easily captivates her audience, and no one leaves without sharing in her joy! Beautiful!"
Linda Hughes
Legion of Mary Praesidium President

“Hello Annette, Greetings from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I want to thank you and your husband for coming to our parish (St Joseph Catholic Church, Colorado Springs) to give a very Holy Spirit filled and inspiring talk. I was greatly moved. Your talk was very authentic and original and it came from your life experiences - a life well lived in the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You and your husband are living saints. You are not only an awesome musician but also a great evangelist. The Catholic Church needs great evangelists like you now more than ever before, so I encourage you to keep going. More people need to hear your music and your teaching/ talks.

This is the main reason I'm writing you - to encourage you to make your talks available on Videos/CDs/DVDs along with your awesome music albums. Please, know that the Catholic Church needs your ministry of inspirational talks and music to wake slumbering Catholic Christians up. I'm one of them, and I was very blessed by your talk. I have enjoyed all the music from your three albums. It's great music. I'm praying for more success in your ministry. God bless you, your family, and your ministry."
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Our high tea that took place at St. John Eudes' Grill Hall in Chatsworth, California was a great success, and the reason was largely due to your presentation. "The Child Within" talk was touching and inspiring. I heard wonderful comments on your message as well as your beautiful voice. You are a gifted speaker. You inspired and helped people reconnect with their inner child. Thank you for opening highlights of your life to us and showing us you can not only survive but thrive as long as God is your compass and guide. Many continued blessings.”
Grace R. Hernandez
St. John Eudes Church
Chatsworth, California

"I was impressed with your story and your singing and how Christ has influenced your life. Finding the "child within" seems like a lifelong journey."
Tania Sarmiento Naftel
Chatsworth, California

"My Dear Annette, Your message during the Serra meeting gave an added meaning to the mission statement of the organization, namely praying for an increase of priestly vocations, deaconate and the religious life. Because your theme was a tribute to our holy priests, I could not help but look around the room during your talk. All eyes and ears were focused on you. I personally did not want to miss any of the words you said. Your theme 'to honor priests' was most inspiring, and so lovingly dedicated. Most of all, we could tell that you were speaking straight from your heart. Every word, every sentence, every phrase became a tribute to all 'priests'. Your message is simple and your beautifully worded phrases became transcribed into loving praises to all priests and all ministers who have pledged their lives to serve and meet the spiritual needs of God’s people. Thank you for the gift of your loving ministry.”
Peace and the Love of God
Magdalena, Orange, California

We had Annette Hills come to speak at our Lenten Retreat for parents at Serra Catholic School. What an inspiration she was to each of us there! After that wonderful afternoon each of us left with reignited passion for the faith! Thank you Annette!
Lisa Pellegrino, Program Planning
Serra Catholic School
Rancho Santa Margarita, California

The presentation by Annette Hills at the Catholic Daughters of the Americas salad and tea event held on October 11, 2014 at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church was inspirational, personal, clear and precise. Her impressive message was appealing, affirmative and appropriate for all ages, and appeared to have touched many people in the audience. I am willing to invite and hear her again.
Jackie Dunn
Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Compton, California

"I have listened to the CD 'Behold your Mother'. I had no idea that there were that many songs about our Blessed Mother. You have opened a whole new world for me! ... When you sang 'I'm your Mother', it was so lovely that I cried. What a very personal invitation to accept her as our Mother, given to us as our Mother by Christ himself."
Ana Barry
Goodyear, Arizona

I appreciated how you involved the presence of priests touching your life and personalized each story. I liked your format and how you enumerated each topic. I'm sure your talk touched others in a special way too.
Patty Baer, Programs Chairperson
Serra Club – Supporters of Vocations
Orange, California

Annette Hills graced St. Bruno MOMS (Ministry of Mothers Sharing) with selections from her award winning album. As guest speaker at our "New Beginnings" luncheon, she filled our beings with inspiration as she taught the ladies, via 'hugs', that our Mother Mary with her Son Jesus truly love us. Such a treat!
Dely Pili, Coordinator
St. Bruno MOMS (Ministry of Mothers Sharing)
Whittier, California

I had an opportunity to listen to Annette’s testimony and music at a fundraiser for the Catholic Daughter’s of America. Her message was extremely powerful and encouraging. My soul has been blessed by her story. She has a beautiful voice. She sang two songs that day, and both were perfect. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as she sang the songs. I have Annette’s Inspirations CD and it’s such a treasure. I listen to it over and over. I pray that Lord continues to  inspire her so she can continue inspiring God’s people.
Angela Franco
Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Compton, California

I loved the CD! It is a rich blend of music and so easy to listen to. Annette Hills has a lovely voice. She can present most any melody that she chooses to record. I highly recommend this music CD to everyone.”
Claire Schaefer, Owner & Publisher
Queenship Publishing


"Annette, You sound great! I love all the songs. You sing from the heart...which means God is singing through you and bringing joy to everybody. I hope others will get the chance to hear your angelic voice."
Eliza Macayan-Clark, Recording Artist
Catholic Association of Musicians

"Annette Hills brings her musical passion and love for the Lord to her recording, Annette Hills Sings. You will enjoy Annette's warm vocals and tender musicality on such selections as Do You Believe in Angels and I'm Your Mother. Her rendition of Ave Maria is uplifting as well as deeply meditative. She shares many facets of herself on this recording which will bring blissful reflection."
Dr. Juliette Singler, Associate Professor of Music
Point Loma Nazarene University

"Annette's voice and selection of songs encourage reflection and prayer."
Lu Cortese, Executive Director
St Joseph Radio

The songs are inspiring, uplifting to the soul & heartwarming!!! My favorite song is Man And Wife which had a beautiful message of love & God's blessing! Annette has a wonderfully soft, sweet & gentle voice!
Teresa Natividad, California

Very heartwarming and moving music. I am honored that I can hear her sing every Sunday.
Carl Terasi, California

I've listened to your album several times, and it is really beautiful….a very nice combination of classical, traditional songs and more modern ones. Your love of Our Lady shines through very brightly, which I'm sure was your intention. It is a wonderful tribute to her.
Anonymous, California

The song you wrote, Behold Your Mother, is beautiful, with lovely lyrics. I like the change of tempo on that one, as well as on Magnificat.
Anonymous, California

I enjoyed hearing Mary's Song and Holy is His Name…..a very gentle and sweet treatment of them.
Anonymous, California

Of the songs I was not familiar with, I particularly enjoyed Magnificat and Virgin Mary. And the Ave Maria's are both just beautiful-- and something that most of us mere mortals would not even attempt!
Anonymous, California

You must be very pleased with the album, and I know how much time, love, and prayer you invested in it. Congratulations on such a wonderful tribute to our mother.
Anonymous, California

We are really enjoying the CD. My daughter’s favorite is “Mary Did You Know”. The first time she heard it, her eyes got watery, My son loves “Moment of the Day”. I love all of the songs. I play them over and over. Congratulations on a terrific job!
Gabriela Arango, California

Annette is an awesome singer who gives credence to the saying “he who sings, prays twice”. She infuses each selection with such passion and love that the music is not only lovely, but the lyrics become truly prayerful. It is thrilling to watch her perform as she is not only a treat to the ears, but an inspiration to the heart.”
Toni Nelson, California

"Thank you for your “fiat” to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother and for following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in putting this CD together. I was deeply touched by each song in this CD. I clearly remember one Sunday morning following my holy hour, I was drawn to listen to Marian songs. I went to look for a CD and I picked yours, and as I listened to the song, “Mary Did You Know”…my soul was lifted to deep love and appreciation for the gift of God’s love that we have in Our Lord and His Mother. Thank you for the love that is expressed so sweetly on each of the songs in this CD. May this be the first of many more to come."
Michael and Lourdes Carroll, California

"As avid music enthusiasts, it's rare to come across a voice of this caliber. The most moving component to this compilation is that Annette recognizes her voice as a gift from God and uses it beautifully to give back. We’re incredibly fond of almost every selection and definitely enjoy the variety, but her version of 'Ave Maria' causes a hushed veil of silence to fall into every room in which it's played. Our collection includes several CD's of this nature yet Anawim is the one that continually ends up in the stereo. Thank you, Annette, for using your gift to bring spiritual art of the highest merit to our world."
Ryan and Stephanie Zapalac, California

You sound FANTASTIC!!!!! You are SO talented! WOW! You sing beautifully!
Susan Hutchins, Florida

I’ve enjoyed all aspects of your CD. Your melodious voice transcends and reaches the musical tastes of any listener. Be encouraged, and I’m looking forward to your next project. Be blessed!"
Jeff Bryant, California

You are terrific! You are so good. I’m so impressed!
Gail Garner, New York

Annette’s selection of songs is so soothing and joyful! This is an album to be shared! We are thrilled she shared it with us, and we will “pay it forward”. Thank you, Annette, for recording this so we can treasure it always.”
Bob and Trudy Hart, California

What a beautiful Ave Maria. You have a wonderful instrument!
Dr. Daryl Watkins, California

Your web page is so cute! Love the “Music Notes!
Patrice Egging, Recording Artist
Catholic Association of Musicians

You have such a wonderful voice….Hope this endeavor becomes all you hope it to be and more.”
Diane Streuer, Colorado

You are blessed in sharing your gifts. May all God’s blessings be yours always.”
In memory of Hilda Kendall

May our Lord and Our Lady continue to shower down their choicest blessings upon you and your ministry.
Dr. Elizabeth Kim, California

Your voice is really lovely, Annette, and I’m glad you are blessing your gift with the way you use it. I’m sure God is pleased . I wish you success in your endeavors.
Madeline Sutton, California

We enjoyed listening to your CD, Annette. You have a lovely voice.
Pat & Bonnie Schallitz, California

Great voice—a real God given talent. You have the voice of an angel!
Barbara Zimmiewicz, Florida

I listen to your CD all the time. Great selection of songs, not to mention the beautiful voice.
Donna Ross, California

It is a beautiful CD and your voice is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with me. May it bring you and others much goodness!
Chris Hagen, California

Your gracious contributions of time, talent and effort are greatly appreciated! The joy and happiness that the “Hot ROD” concerts brought to our employees during the holiday season will long be remembered by all who were fortunate enough to hear you.
Patrick Gough, California

The holiday show was a great experience that I will always look back on and be proud of. Working with Annette definitely added to a night of success!
Sahara Mazaheri, California

Annette is a joy to work with. Always professional and well prepared so that rehearsals go very smoothly. And did I mention that she is a fabulous entertainer and vocal performance artist! Hire her – you will love every minute of her show!
Cozette Hanich, California



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